MetaBoost Connection REVIEW + is this a credible approach?

The MetaBoost Connection Reviewed

Many of us have searched far and wide for the perfect solution to weight loss. However, a whole bunch of these fitness programs involves high impact exercises or strict dieting that are specifically designed for younger adults.

For the older generation, especially women age 40 and above, strenuous workouts and a restrictive diet could be the last things that could come to their minds.

While there are a few middle-aged women who are blessed with a svelte body, many are quite struggling to shred even a pound of their body fat.

Partly, this is because of faulty metabolism. Metabolism is the process by which our body converts food and fluid intake into energy. The metabolic rate varies from person to person and is influenced by several factors such as age, gender, body size and composition, amount of physical activity, and hormone function.

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Women tend to have a slower metabolism than men as they get older. This is so because as they age, women’s muscle mass decreases, slowing down the calorie-burning process. On the other hand, men tend to have more muscle mass and less body fat than women of the same age and weight.

What more, women in their 40s and beyond often suffer a lot of health challenges like inflammation, hormonal imbalances, sluggishness, menopause, and joint pains, thus making it hard for them to stay in good shape.

Having said that, slimming down can be a real struggle for women than for men. And the reason why some weight loss programs don’t work for a lot of women is that they are not specially designed for their body.

Guess what?

There’s a relatively new weight loss system called MetaBoost Connection developed to address the problems regarding stubborn body fats.

This plan is committed to targeting the unwanted fats from your arms, waist, thighs, and butt so you can be the best version of yourself even as you get older.

Sounds promising, right?

Let me take you further into this MetaBoost review to give you a clearer picture of the program so you can decide for yourself if it is the best one for you.

What is MetaBoost Connection?

What is MetaBoost all about

MetaBoost Connection is a weight reduction program that consists of targeted exercises and recommended foods to help women over 40 speed up their metabolism.

Aside from metabolism, this program also treats inflammation that contributes to not only weight gain but also the development of serious health conditions.

Furthermore, it also aims to improve your hormonal function, which starts to mess up as you age.

Being a middle-aged woman, I know you still have a lot of things to accomplish, that is why it is important to have a strong physique and overall good health to keep you going.

With MetaBoost Connection, you’ll find the most strategic, scientifically-proven method of losing weight so you can achieve your body goals as quickly as possible.

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Perhaps you are curious about how this program works, so let’s get an inside look into it.

Inside the MetaBoost Connection Program

Inside the Program

This weight loss training program provides you with the essentials for taking care of your overall health. You need to eat the right food and follow the right exercises that are appropriate for your age and weight to avoid injury and to help you achieve optimal health.

So basically, the program gives you access to e-books and video lessons about the right combination of supreme superfoods, or ‘MetaInfluencers’ as the MetaBoost review calls it, as well as hyper-focused low-impact, high result isometric exercises that can help accelerate metabolism and weight loss.

As per, the program specifically targets inflammation, hormonal imbalances, and the notorious “4 L’s” that women over 40 tend to have: lower belly, love handles, lifted butt, and loose arms.

Specifically, here’s what you will get:

Fat Flush and Belly Blaster

1) MetaBoost Fat Flush: a quick start guide to prep your body for the whole MetaBoost Connection program.

This is the first step towards your weight loss journey. Here, you’ll learn how to safely flush out fat, toxins, impurities, and inflammation-causing agents that make you bloated and sluggish. This should only be done in 24 hours.

2) MetaBoost Belly Blaster: a 10-day nutrition plan to guide you through the process of removing toxins and impurities as well as reducing inflammation, boosting your immune system, and losing fat.

Belly Blaster comes with two mini-programs: MetaClean (days 1-3) and MetaSlim (days 4-10). Through this, you’ll learn about the “supreme superfoods” and spices that you can incorporate in your daily meal plans, such as avocado, flaxseeds, ginger root, lentils, and cinnamon. Each of these superfoods has certain potent properties that, according to, “spark a cellular chain reaction to help burn fat, reduce inflammation, and create natural, sustainable energy”.

There’s a lot more to learn from this guide with its 10-day meal plan and nutritious recipes using a variety of superfoods, herbs, and spices.

3) MetaBoost Body: a compilation of videos that highlights targeted exercises and isometric workouts to help you build up your endurance over time and activate your metabolism.

4) MetaBoost Workout Manual: a guide instructing individuals on how to make the most out of each workout.

Once you’re in the program, you will have:

5) Free entry to a Member Dashboard where you can chat with fellow members and be inspired about their journey.

6) 24/7 support for members of the program

You also get two eBook bonuses. These are:

7) Bonus 1 – MetaBoost Shopping List Recipes

8) Bonus 2 – MetaBalance Natural Hormone Balancing Superfoods

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Cost and Special Offers

The main package is accessible online for only $29. This is definitely your money’s worth since it offers an abundance of useful resources and information that can help ensure your success.


MetaBoost Connection PDF also comes with a 100% 60-day money-back guarantee. So even after trying the system for 60 days and you didn’t get the results you want, you can get your full refund with no questions asked.

The program also provides a premium option through the Accelerated Body Transformation Club, which includes new monthly workouts, 30-day meal plans, a monthly coaching call, as well as access to our private Facebook Community.

Accelerated Body Transformation Club

This, of course, is a special feature of the MetaBoost program that will require you to pay a monthly fee of $49 (USD) for 8 months, should you decide to avail of it. After 8 months, you receive lifetime access to these features.

How To Get Started With MetaBoost Connection

Once you sign up for the program, you’ll get access to the dashboard where you’ll find the MetaBoost Connection Manual. Read this manual to give you an idea of what to do and to expect during the whole course.

Food and Exercise

You can then proceed to the first step of the program, the Metaboost Fat Flush, which is a 24-hour system. Check out the guide to help you prep and prime your body before moving on to the next step.

After this, you can start implementing the MetaBoost Belly Blaster. This program will be your nutrition plan for the next 10 days. It also comes with a shopping list that will save you a trip to the grocery store as well as easy to prepare, nutritious, and mouth-watering recipes to give you sustained energy throughout the day.

Along with the Belly Blaster, you can also do some of the recommended exercises in the process. Check out the targeted and isometric workouts listed in the MetaBody program.

Isometric Exercise

In this program, you don’t need gym equipment because all the exercise combinations use nothing but your own body weight as resistance.

You only need to spare 5 minutes of your time daily to do them. It also has a manual that provides a few tips and tricks to reduce the difficulty of the exercises, if you find them too challenging to start.

Once you have completed the system, you can either restart the system or maintain their results.

Better yet, you can avail of their Accelerated Body Transformation Club to give you monthly updates on workouts and meal plans that you can integrate into your weight loss regimen.

Who is Meredith Shirk?

Now that you have a better idea of how this system works, I bet you are wondering who’s behind it.

Meredith Shirk, the creator of MetaBoost Connection, has been in the health and fitness industry for over a decade.

Meredith Shirk

Meredith has an impressive track record that reflects the credibility of MetaBoost Connection. Here’s a list of her credentials:

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT)
  • Fitness Nutrition Specialist (NASM-FNS)
  • Behavior Change (NASM-BCS) and Weight Loss (NASM-WLS) specialist
  • BS in Biology (Magna Cum Laude honors)
  • Captain of the CLU water polo team
  • three (3) first-team All-SCIAC honors and All-American Selections

Mere, as her clients call her, is the CEO of Svelte Media & Training that strives to help customers improve their mind, body, and overall health. She is also the creator of One & Done, the innovative 7-minute workout plan that involves a series of high-intensity routines done in a short span of time.

Meredith has a Facebook page and a YouTube channel with over 100 thousand subscribers combined. Through these platforms, she can spread the message of hope to those who are struggling with health issues and weight gain.

Remarkable Benefits of MetaBoost Connection

There are many good qualities that this weight loss system has to offer, but below are some of the noteworthy features:

Flat Belly

  1. A proven method for weight loss.

Meredith Shirk is a fitness and nutrition expert who knows for sure how to deal with weight problems. She has helped lots of women, including her sister, to safely lose weight. She did it through intensive research, taking into consideration the age and health conditions of her clients.

  1. Plenty of useful resources.

MetaBoost Connection is based on research studies so you can be sure that it is scientifically proven. So it isn’t just your typical weight loss plan or another fad diet that you see on the internet.

  1. Age-appropriate exercises.

The exercises are completely safe to follow because they are put together especially for women over 40. They are low impact but target the core areas where fats mostly accumulate, so no need to worry about sustaining injuries while doing them.

  1. Safe and natural diet plan.

MetaBoost does not involve restrictive dieting but rather, emphasizes taking in the macronutrients that your body needs. This means you will still get your food sources from carbs, healthy fats, and protein. To top it all, the recommended foods are all-natural and are meant to boost your metabolism, balance your hormones, reduce inflammation, and make you look younger and healthier.

  1. Easily accessible.

While the program is not available in an offline store, you can access it online anytime you want and follow the lessons at your own pace.

  1. A refund option is available.

Because the program comes with a money-back guarantee, you can safely use the system without worries – you can get back the money you invested in case you are not satisfied with the results.

Money back guarantee

 Is MetaBoost Connection a Scam?

While the program looks promising, you might be a little hesitant to try it out at once. That’s completely understandable as numerous scams out there offer similar services, only to take your money away for nothing.

With MetaBoost Connection, you have nothing to worry about. Its money-back policy protects your investment. Certainly, this program is not a scam.

As to whether the program is effective or not, results still vary among individuals, depending on how committed they are or how their body responds to the program. This makes the program more reliable because it does not claim that you will get the same results as the other users.

Customer Reviews: What Users Have to Say

Customer Reviews on MetaBoost

Sure, there are a handful of complaints about the system, but if you were to read MetaBoost reviews online, you’d find that there are more positive than negative testimonials about it.

Many of the good reports actually came from previous users who have seen amazing results in a matter of days. Others experienced incredible changes in their bodies in just a month’s period.

More than physical changes, previous users also shared how the program has helped them sleep better, regain their strength and stability, and become more confident about themselves.

So it would really depend on how you use the program. If you stick to the nutrition plan and follow the exercises that are suitable for your age, you’ll definitely see gradual improvements in your physical health.


All in all, the MetaBoost Connection is worth a try. If you think that at age 40 or beyond, a slender body and strong stamina is no longer attainable, think again.

You only need to find the right approach to get back on track.  MetaBoost promises to help you achieve your weight and body goals through proven techniques to ensure success.

This system has helped a significant number of middle-aged women successfully managed their weight and treat weight-related illnesses.

Perhaps, it is time to treat yours.

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