Lynne M. Coluccio, Ph.D.

Senior Scientist
Molecular motors, hearing


Research Summary
Our laboratory studies myosin-I, a class of molecular motors implicated in cell motility, establishment of polarity, and actin organization. Some years ago we isolated three class I myosins now known as Myo1b, Myo1c, and Myo1d from rat liver. Since then we have used a combination of biochemical, molecular and cellular biological approaches to understand the mechanism and function of these enzymes. Our studies have shown that these molecules, which are associated with several subcellular fractions, are kinetically very slow and well-suited for maintenance of tension in the cytoskeleton. Recently, we showed how the biophysical properties of Myo1c, which has a specialized function in the inner ear, enable it to support adaptation, a requirement for vestibular function.

Selected Publications

Adamek, N., L. M. Coluccio and M. A. Geeves. 2008. Calcium-sensitive ATP hydrolysis of Myo1c, the adaptation motor in the inner ear. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U S A 105:5710-5715. View Full Text (PDF).

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