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review for eat sleep burn


If you think you’re getting enough sleep every night, only to wake up feeling tired and beat up, then you’re probably lacking something.

You think you eat healthily, working out and all, but you just keep gaining weight…

What could be the problem? What have you been doing wrong all this time?

Is it because you’re not getting enough sleep at night?poor sleep is destructive

“Wait, what? That’s impossible, I get 7-8 hours of nighttime rest. It couldn’t be that.”

Are you certain that your body is actually getting its much-needed rest, though?

Adults need between 7-9 hours of sleep each night, but it actually doesn’t matter.

What matters is the quality of sleep you’re getting. QUALITY.

You need to be in the stage of sleep called “Deep Sleep” to feel revitalized when you wake up in the morning.

What is Deep Sleep?

Deep sleep also called “slow-wave sleep” is a crucial stage in a human’s sleep cycle especially when you’re over 40.

It allows proper brain function and memory.

There are stages before we hit the deep sleep stage. You can read about those stages here.

Now, what happens if a person doesn’t reach a specific type of deep sleep?effects of sleep-deprivation

  • First things first, the disturbance in our sleep is going to make us hungry. That’s a fact.  Exhaustion=Hungry. The reason why is because poor sleep messes with our hunger hormones (ghrelin).
  • Next, is the hormone called “Leptin” that is delivered by fat cells as a sign to the brain that we are full. This is the complete opposite of the ghrelin.
    Ghrelin stimulates appetite, while Leptin reduces it. When our body is sleep-deprived, the level of ghrelin spikes and the level of leptin drops that eventually leads to an increase in hunger.
  • Lastly would be the Cortisol hormone that was shown to directly deposit fat on our belly. Each night of poor sleep quality adds up over time that drives up the Cortisol which ultimately conflicts with different parts of our system. To summarize, chronically elevated cortisol can be extremely damaging.

Why do you need to have good sleep at night?

Reasons Why Having a Good Sleep Is Important:

  • Good sleep will make you want to eat fewer calories
  • Can improve concentration and productivity
  • Helps with maximizing athletic performance
  • Poor sleep can lead to a greater risk of heart disease and stroke
  • Aids your anxiety and depression
  • Improves immune function
  • Poor sleep is linked to a higher chance of body weight and increased inflammation
  • and many more reasons why deep sleep is crucial in our overall health.

So, in today’s review, I am going to introduce you to the program that supports people in getting the right amount and quality of sleep you need to achieve a restored mind and body every single day.


Eat Sleep Burn- What Is It?

near-magical method
Eat Sleep Burn or is a manual designed by Dan Garner that provides a simple bedtime habit that causes the body to fully burn extra body fat off.

The main sight of this program is the special tea that causes a change in the way of sleeping.

Just by looking at its name, you can automatically say it’s made to burn fat overnight– while you’re snoozing.sleep

How cool does that sound?!?

Apart from that, Eat Sleep Burn can help you have a good night’s sleep while getting rid of all of the undesirable fats lurking in your belly.

In this manual, you will discover a lot of steps and methods including what kinds of food to eat and beverage to engulf.

That’s hitting a squad of birds in one golden stone! Pinch me!

As a matter of fact, there is no reported diet one should follow with this program. You eat whatever you want to eat, but with this, you will not gain weight.

You keep eating like a regular person, while this manual keeps repairing your sleep cycles and burning your belly fats off from the side.

Sounds almost perfect yet ludicrous. I mean, no diet and/or ever going to the gym but you will lose body fats?

That’s absurd. Really.

But who knows, right?

How Does the Program Work?

what is eat sleep burn program
EatSleepBurn works by correcting your sleep cycles all while ripping your annoying belly fats off without taking on a new diet, shredding it at the gym, or taking dietary pills.

None of that.

But of course, I still believe that taking care of your overall health is by doing exercises. It will totally make a change if you incorporated this manual in your daily workout routines.

The main job of this system is to help people who struggle from sleep-deprivation and/or people who wouldn’t get to the deep sleep stage.deep sleep

I’ve quite explained to you how having a poor sleep cycle can be damaging to your well-being.

Eat Sleep Burn has different methods on how to push out unwanted toxins that are slowly killing your body.

You will be introduced to different tips and tricks of eating without underfeeding yourself.

What Are the Components of Eat Sleep Burn?

eat sleep burn products
Eat Sleep Burn review

I know you’ve been dying to know what you will be getting once you purchase the program.

Inside, you will learn all these things:

  • The accurate “Shutdown Sequence” needed to ensure the precise form of potent sleep that will generally melt away all your excess body fat.
  • The 3 key “Sleep Switches” that make it easy to improve your stamina and endurance.
  • How to reset your “Circadian Rhythm” so that your body intuitively knows the most healthy time to drift off to sleep and to wake you without an alarm or any moving grogginess.
  • How to control a robust “neurotransmitter” in your brain that immediately lets you shut out anxious thoughts and power down your spinning brain.
  • The “Bat Cave” method to virtually assure you fall easily into a deep and therapeutic sleep.
  • The 2 rules you must never, ever break if you take a nap.
  • One simple method you can use to increase the amount of fat-burning deep sleep you get every single night.
  • How to diminish cancer-causing inflammation throughout your body without threatening and costly synthetic medications.

Not so fast, ’cause apart from the teachings above, the creator has 3 exclusive gifts for you once you finally take the program.

  • 28-Day Metabolic Reset18-day metabolic reset

Gives you the fastest weight loss in the least amount of time which takes about 21 minutes of your time per day and uses bodyweight exercises only. It also strategically created to reset your hormones to reduce hunger and eliminate cravings.

  • The Limitless Potential Systemthe limitless potential system

Massive boost to your mental, physical, and professional performance. You will have the ability to heal quickly from an injury, and the near-miraculous restorative effects on your health.

  • 21-Day Personal Online Coaching21-day personal online coaching

21 days of personal coaching with Dan, the creator of the program, and his staff. Everything Dan has ever learned towards his success in coaching will be imparted with you. Exclusively.

How Much Does It Cost?

Adding everything together, you will be billed around $97, but with Dan’s special discount given to you, you will get the program for $37 only!discounted price

That looks a fair price to me provided all the components you will enjoy once you’re in.

How about you? What do you think of its price?

Would you get the system? Or will you pass?

You’re getting inquisitive about the creator, I see. Well, I’m not going to make you wait any longer. ;)

Who Is Dan Garner?

who is dan garner
Dan Garner is a professional coach/trainer with a specialization in physique transformation, nutrition, and athletic development.

He is the founder of “Team Garner, Inc” which offers high-level personalized online training and nutritional coaching for world-class results.

Furthermore, Coach Garner has created very popular programs such as Ultimate Nutrition Mentorship, Cutting Edge Strategies, Eat Sleep Burn, and a co-owner of Baseball Training, Create Freedom, and Hockey Training.dan garner

Professionally, Dan has 12 of the top certifications in both training and nutrition as well as a formal education in both practical medicine and health science. He concentrates on athletic performance and physique transformation and has an extraordinary list of clientele within the UFC, MLB, NHL, NFL, Olympians, and even Hollywood Actors.

Need I say more? Don’t you think he’s credible enough for the programs he had made?

I think he deserves the commendations if you ask me.



  • It provides you freedom from losing weight
  • Easy-to-follow manual
  • Reasonable price
  • Focused mainly on your overall wellness
  • Boosts your metabolism
  • All materials are digital
  • You can use it anywhere
  • 60-day money-back guaranteesatisfaction guaranteed


  • Not available offline (although this is a pro to me, some people may find it as a drawback)
  • Can be a little pricey for some
  • Patience is a virtue to see results

Is It a Scam?

I don’t think of it as a scam.


Given Dan Garner‘s reputation, I believe that his programs are legit and actually work.

He is a known mogul and knows what he’s doing. If you’re skeptical, you can look for him on Google and see what he’s been up to since he started being a professional coach.

The guy is baggable, and the fact that he’s doing this to help people in need for a little amount of money says a lot about his pure intentions.

If other Eat Sleep Burn program reviews have told you otherwise, I can only hope that I have somehow given light and helped you with your judgments.

I like it and I would definitely recommend it to the people I care about.

It’s a Wrap!

There goes my review!

I was stoked to finally write this program because, in my opinion, this was a unique one.

I have never in my life encountered a program meant to help people have better sleep. This is the first.

A wonderful first, for that matter.

I may have been sound biased, but I’m not, really.

I’m just all fired up with all the information I’ve gathered about this program so I had to let them all out and shared with you. LOL

I hope I somehow made sense, though.

If you have any products in mind that you want us to take a look at, please don’t be shy and drop a comment! :)

Thank you and see you on our next product review!


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