“The Cinderella Solution” FRIENDLY REVIEW (works or not?)

review for the cinderella solution


When you’re a woman, everything you do seems wrong and/or never enough.

Truth be told, society expects women to be more like this, less of that.

Be more feminine, but not too much ’cause either way, you get shamed for being who you are.

We’re getting a little too profound here, but that’s just today’s fact, whether we like it or not.

Anyhoo, since we’re talking about women today, I think it’s just fair if we did a review about a program specifically made for them. Am I right?

In today’s review, we will walk you through this program called “Cinderella Solution“. Ooohh, I’m sensing some curiosity.

A little bit more chitchat…

Well, before we continue on, how about we talk about a few things relating to women? Are you down?

Because whether you are or not, I’m still going to do this so, sit back and get a cup of tea.

Now, I know I came off as some sort of feminist and stuff like that, and believe me when I say I loooove self-expression.

Whether you stayed the way you are right now or continue making progress for yourself, believe me, I’m all over here cheering you on.

But let’s face the fact, though. Being unhealthy and doing unhealthy businesses can really be such a bummer.frowning face

I’m not trying to condone body-shaming. Please, that’s not the goal here.

My goal is to at least help you get back on track while being healthy altogether.

Gaining some extra pounds isn’t bad at all, in fact, let me tell you this: It is normal. It is natural, and if you think you’re doing good mentally and turning to your comfort food helps, then, by all means, go and eat that chocolate fudge!

However, it’s not all sunny in your health lane, there are days when you really have to just get your butt back in the game (I’m talking about running and/or jogging, by the way), and just do it, otherwise, you’re just slowly killing yourself with all that unhealthy activities you’re getting yourself involved into.

Anyway, how about we talked a little more about women and their hormones? ‘Ya good?

Hormones & Metabolism

This part is for all my girls out there.

To start off, did you know that hormones and metabolism are intertwined with one another?

Well, news flash, hormones have to do with the metabolism that causes us to keep gaining body fats that eventually lead to obesity.

Hormones are the chemical force that regulates processes in our body.

When we hit the “overweight stage“, the development of hormones that encourage abnormal metabolism that restores and accumulates fats starts to show.

Hormones like Leptin, Insulin, Estrogen, Cortisol, and Growth Hormone can all affect our metabolism, appetite, and body fats distributions.

Now, during puberty, Insulin, Estrogen, and Cortisol team up to give us the “illusion” that we’re appealing, slender, and strong.

For more stuff like this, please visit this link to read more about the linking between hormones and metabolism.

Going back…

After puberty, those hormones will start to act up, and voila, everything that they’re supposed to be taking care of suddenly just disappear from their list of responsibilities. LOL, but sucks, right?

There are other people just pops up all of a sudden to tell us that we’re really gaining more than we’re supposed to, and we look like we have given birth the other day.

Stress will become visible in our faces, which totally sucks because, at an early age, we should be feeling good about ourselves. Going out there and flaunting what we have.

Instead, we’d be stuck in our daily lives doing daily boring routines that ultimately making us look old and exhausted than ever.

Good thing though there are programs and training made specifically for predicaments like this.

Are you getting all giddy? ‘About time I showed you this Cinderella madness, huh?

Cinderella Solution- What the Fudge is It?

the female fat loss code
If you’re a guy and you’re reading this, how do you feel about knowing that there are programs made exclusively for the opposite sex?

I mean, come on, every single workout training that is being advertised all around the globe is all about you guys. I think it’s about time for our moment, am I right?

Moving on… Cinderella Solution is a four-phase online weight loss system particularly for women over 25. It uses two 14-day calendars of meal plans to help women get their desired weight without having to starve themselves.

Apart from that, this program is easy-to-follow with step-by-step instructions on how to do each meal without anyone breaking a bone. LOL

Cinderella Solution uses a Japanese program called “Shoku-Iku“. It is a method of flavoring pairing which translates to “Nutrition Architecture“.shoku-iku

The main goal of this food pairing is to create hormonal and metabolic balance to support well-being, health, strength, and happiness from deep within.

Before we move forward, everything I say (or I just said, whatever) in this review is purely my opinion. I’m only here to guide you and tell you a story about the product. Are we clear about that?

How Does the Program Work?

cinderella solution package
The Cinderella Solution swears to help you lose weight 6 times faster than any popular commercial diet. Like, is this for real? I mean…?

Not only that, but it can also make you “look and feel younger” than you’ll ever be. I guess we can bid goodbye to wrinkles and granny clothes if that’s the case, no?

But yeah, kidding aside, the system taps into the metabolism of every woman and helps restimulate our body’s ability to burn excess fats at the utmost amount while building our defenses against diseases and illnesses.

The fact that it is digital, you will never have to worry about forgetting to follow the recipes since we’re always glued on our phones. Am I right?

The creator incorporated the idea of the 160-year-old flavor-pairing Japanese rituals.160-year-old food pairing

Sounds exhilarating since Japan is known for its distinct and fascinating culture that surely leaves a lasting impression on everyone. All over the world, for that matter.

I mean, just think about this Japanese ritual the creator had embraced and wants to share with all of us.

Since it is manual and recipes for dieting which also includes beverages, you will get to enjoy your every meal without experiencing any holdbacks or dilemmas; also without the thought of “cheating” because all you have to consume is nothing but healthy and fancy meals.

Here’s the thing, you don’t even need to worry about getting any “side effects” since you won’t be taking up any tablets or pills for weight loss. You will be given the correct meal plan according to your needs.

Sounds good, right? So, how much is it?$100 off

Cinderella Solution will cost you about $37 + bonuses. Apart from that, the sales page also offers a coupon for $100 OFF. How’s that for an entry offer?

Yeah, I know some of you might think that it is kind of “pricey” when all it has to provide is meal plans, recipes, and stuff, but hey, come on, you can’t have something so wonderful and beneficial without spending a little. Bet money you can’t.

As a matter of fact, these programs are considered an investment- a long-term one.

Taking good care of yourself, in general, can never go wrong. Not once in this lifetime.

What’s Included in the Program?

what can you get from the program
If you purchased the program, these are the things included in the package that you will certainly make use of right away:


This part is divided into 4 definite parts mainly:

  1. Part 1: The Cinderella Solution Explained
  2. Part 2: Your Daily Nutrition Blueprint Book
  3. Part 3: DIY Meals and Flavor-Pairing
  4. Part 4: Top 10 Flavor Pairs & Weight Loss Combinations

A 52-page book that has all the recipes in but also the one that you can read if you don’t feel like going through the main manual.


Manual that shows exactly how the exercises are done.


A booklet with all the recipes for different food for different times of the day.


Who is this Program For?

Just like the name implies, this program is for our Cinderellas who want to find solutions for their lost shoes- I meant predicaments.

Girls who ache for something that will help them gain the confidence that they had lost along the way.

Yeah, well, I know this might come off a little unreal for you but I’m just saying… women deserve to have something that will potentially improve their way of life.

…and I find it reasonable for them to crave something like this program, and other things that will completely make them forget how this society is treating them.

Oops, got a little deep for a sec there, but yeah, you get it.

About Carly, the Creator

who is carly donovan
If you visited the program’s sales page or even just peek through the cover of its digital copies, you probably have seen the creator.

Yes, I’m talking about the very gorgeous and strong-looking girl on the cover- Carly Donovan.

Like most normal women, Carly had some fair amount of peaks and valleys.

She’s had some highs and lows of life that turned her into someone even more beautiful.

Carly understands the battle women face every single day- from the reflection they see in the mirror every morning to the unsolicited remarks of people about their physique. THOSE BATTLES.

Her goal is to make other women feel that they’re not alone in whatever battles they’re fighting against, hence the Cinderella Solution.

Hmmm… I sense skepticism.

I don’t blame you for that, though, especially if you’ve jumped from reviews to reviews and now all you think about is how to not purchase the program definitively.

Come on, cut Carly some slack. The woman had proven how powerful women are if given the opportunity to change their life’s path. WE are powerful.carly donovan

Anyway, I think Carly is a mighty woman, and she truly is an inspiration. You go, girl!

What I Like & Dislike?


  • Produced particularly for women
  • Based upon real methods and/or “rituals”
  • Promising reviews from real people/users
  • Nonobligatory workouts
  • Digital products which make them easier to access
  • Easy-to-follow techniques
  • Money-back guaranteed


  • That it needs consistent devotion. What if I was lazy? Just kidding.
  • That results take time. BUT OF COURSE.
  • That it has no physical products

Is Cinderella Solution a Scam?

To be quite honest with you, it truly baffles me that other reviews accuse this program of being a scam.

I understand that this might not work for everyone, especially if you’re lazy or just won’t quit unhealthy activities that hinder you from doing healthy ones.

But to blame the product is just way beyond me.

So, no, I don’t consider Cinderalla Solution a scam nor Carly.

The only thing that can trip some people off is the fact that the program is specifically just for women ’cause they’re used to men getting all the fitness advertisements and stuff.

Give us a breaaaaak. Tee hee.girl power

Well, should we wrap up?

I think we should!

Thanks for sticking with me, my lovely friends. I’ve had such a splendid time making this review for you.

Again, everything I just blurted out is based on my opinion and nothing else’s. Me. Capiche?

I appreciate you though for being with me until this far, did you not get tired of reading my blabbers? LOL, thanks for that.

Anyway, I hope to see you again in my next product review. Do you have any suggestions for products you want me to review for ya? Please, feel free to put them in the comments section, it would really make my day if you commented something for me. ANYTHING.

Thanks, and let’s see each other soon! Ciao!


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