Carbofix REVIEW… great solution, but about the Negatives?

review for carbofix


Indulging on carbs has always been one of the few joys in life.

At least for me. LOL

I love munching on foods high in carbs, just because…

Not until it became out of control and took its toll on my body.

Well, I gained several pounds, and I wasn’t happy about it, I must admit.

Say whatever you wanna say… that I deserve it.

Well, yeah, okay, I did deserve it.

But hey, is it too much to enjoy life by consuming delicious, sinful food?!?

Just kidding, I know I was on the wrong side of enjoying life to the fullest, but that’s just me, though! 😛

But then again, I thought I had my self-discipline put together, turns out, stuffing yourself with unhealthy food can lead to more serious health issues…

Especially if you’re a couch potato.

Aging faster can be one.

You might be in your late 20s now, but you could be looking like you’re in your 40s.

That’s how damaging unhealthy lifestyle can be.

Like for example, my friend’s mom.

I once asked her what her age was, good thing she wasn’t offended… although I was the one who was taken aback.

She said she was just 49!exhausted

But she looks like she’s almost the retiring age!

I was astounded.

But of course, I didn’t let her see my reaction like that. LOL

It’s as if she’d read my mind, she shared a thought with me.

She admitted that she looked way older than her age, but she couldn’t do anything about it because of all the obligations she had to tend to.

Working out has always been on her to-do list but she just couldn’t do it!

Responsibilities. I know!

I didn’t know any better, so I told her to take some time off and see how it goes then.

Well, this is getting long for an introduction, huh?

It’s because I will be sharing with you my newly discovered product that can potentially help you or anyone you know who has the same predicament as my friend’s mom.


*Quick disclaimer: I hope that my Carbofix review will help you figure out what to do next. Anything I put out there will be nothing but for informational purposes only. Capiche?*

What is CarboFix?

CarboFix or is an all-natural supplement to fight against belly fat, weight gain, and unnecessary food cravings.

If you’re finally decided to get rid of those extra body fats, CarboFix is the answer.

Backed-up with natural extracts that go way back, this supplement undoubtedly delivers.

I’ve read a lot of positive feedback about the product, and I must say it’s actually worth the hype.

Seeing people struggle so much about their weight and/or how they age can be a pain.

But, did you know that your body’s fate is in your hands?

Inside your body, to be specific. Like literally.

It just needs to be activated, so you don’t need to go through those troubles any more.

It’s called AMPK or AMP-activated protein kinase.

What is AMPK?

master switch

AMPK is the genetic “master switch” that controls our metabolism.

When it’s activated, it can speed up slow metabolisms, improve cardiovascular health, helps improve Type 2 Diabetes and extend life span.

According to many studies, activating this so-called master switch is the way to a longer and happier life.

If you have more than the pounds you’re aiming for, or you’re aging faster than what you’ve anticipated for, there’s a good chance your AMPK is turned off this whole time.

You have to know how to turn this powerful switch on for you to totally reverse the situation.

But how?

AMPK is an enzyme found in our cells that plays a critical role in our energy metabolism.

It helps convert sugar and fat into energy, while ultimately decreasing hunger.

Which is simply the rate at which your body burns fat and calories.

Sound so much like a dream to me as a person who constantly battling with food cravings and hunger!!!

However, our body can’t produce AMPK with the presence of this type of carbohydrates called fructans.

Fructans are made by a chain of fructose molecules strung together; a type of polymer of fructose present in our favorite fruits.

So if you think you’re eating “healthily” by snacking on fruits and veggies, you might want to think again.

High sugar spikes will follow and forces our body to release insulin.

Insulin is the #1 fat-storing hormone that I think you wouldn’t like lurking inside your body.

Not only that, but it also blocks AMPK.

The more we age, the lesser our body produces AMPK, the reason why elderlies tend to gain more weight every year that passes.

Anyway, I hope we’re clear about this part because according to the claims, CarboFix can totally “fix” these predicaments and turn them into a new ball of hope.


How Does CarboFix Work Exactly?

There are 3 steps to how CarboFix effectively works. If you understand these steps, you will know how crucial this supplement is for your overall health.

  • Step 1: It helps turn on the AMPK

Since our top priority is activating AMPK, you must remember that it is found inside our body’s every cell that serves as the master regulating switch of some sort.

turns on the AMPK

With the help of this one potent ingredient called “berberine” along with other ingredients, which I will be discussing individually a little later, the AMPK will be activated.

It increases fat-burning and decreases fat storage.

You must know how crucial turning this “switch” on so you’d understand how CarboFix will repair the situation.

  • Step 2: It reduces hunger & unnecessary food cravings

Imagine a life without carb cravings. Just… imagine!

I mean, it wouldn’t be really complicated for we don’t need to have a constant battle between ourselves about whether or not to order that darn pizza.lessen food cravings

We also wouldn’t be needing to stress about working out to burn the calories we had just consumed.

Think about that kind of alternate universe, though. LOL

When we naturally don’t have cravings, our mood starts to improve, and our energy will be soaring high while burning the fat that’s been eating us up.

No worries since on the first step we started turning on the AMPK, am I right?

So our body will start to burn fat and turning them into energy, and we no longer feel the need to munch on some sweet food every now and then.

CarboFix will completely “fix” that for your future self.

  • Step 3: It turns carbs into energy

Did you know that completely giving up carbs or going low-carb diets is not the way to our fitness journey?

turn carbs into energy

Wow, I didn’t know that, although I love carbs, I mean, I was forced to think that it is the main hindrance to achieving our dream physique.

Little did we know.

But with CarboFix, you don’t have to worry about how much carbs you consume. No need for counting your calorie intake, too!

Just eat whatever you want, and in turn, CarboFix will turn those worries into energy. How cool is that?!?

Now you’re finally aware of how the supplement works, do you wanna know first who the creator is?

Who is Matt Stirling?

Matt Stirling is a Certified Personal Trainer Specialist, MTS, CF-L1, PFP Certified Fitness Consultant, NWC, WBFF Pro Bodybuilder, 3-Time World Champ Fitness Coach, 2011 WBFF PRO Bodybuilding World Champ, and 2-Time Musclemania World Champion.

Phew! Talk about TITLES!!!

The guy is already sweeping people off their feet!

Apart from his career in bodybuilding, Matt is also the creator of CarboFix. He also created an online fitness coaching called Matt Stirling Fitness.

matt stirling

Matt studied Fitness & Health Promotion at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario. After college, he found a mentor who helped kick off his career as a personal trainer at Performance GFitness & Training which led Matt to be the Pro-Fitness Trainer of the year in ’08.

Matt maintains his robust physique year-round and dedicates himself to helping potential athletes and those who just want to take their build to the next level.

His students transform themselves to look, feel, and perform their best-obtaining bodies that are “built to last”.

With the help of today’s modern technology, Matt has been able to help thousands of individuals far beyond the limitations of working in a business, he’s gone global.

He helps with accountability, confidence, motivation, and the knowledge necessary for making gains in the gym and life.

The work smarter, not harder approach is something you’ll hear Matt talks about often. He wants to see every person reach their goals and taste success.

Regarding the making of CarboFix… it started when Matt visited his wife Nubbia’s grandmother in Ecuador that one time.

He was taken aback at how young the grandmother looked which is nowhere near her actual age.

To cut the story short, he went home with some of the most powerful extracts/”recipe” that will help other people with their problems.matt and family


Hence the CarboFix. 🙂

Matt, on a more personal note, is still living his best life with his beautiful wife Nubbia, and their 3 lovely children.

Now, off to those ingredients, I know you’ve been dying to know! 😉

What Are the Components?

CarboFix comprises 6 potent ingredients that are beneficial for people who want to lose weight, slow down your aging, at least physically and other health benefits.

  • Berberine

The first plant extract that Matt’s grandma used is a compound that can be extracted from several different plants.

It’s been tested in hundreds of studies and it has a long history of being used in traditional Chinese medicine.

One of the main jobs of this berberine extract is to activate AMPK.

Berberine also reduces body weight and causes a significant improvement in glucose tolerance without altering food intake.

Apart from that, this extract can also slow the breakdown of carbohydrates in the gut, decrease sugar production in the liver, and lower total cholesterol.

That was just the first ingredient and it’s already looking like CarboFix has a lot of potentials, indeed!

  • Cinnamon Bark or True Cinnamon

Cinnamon bark is less common than the regular cinnamon and is considered to be of superior quality.

It regulates the enzyme AMPK to prevent cells from being filled with fat.

Scientists report that this type of cinnamon improves insulin sensitivity and reduces the accumulation of white fat.

People have been using the cinnamon bark to make medicine & it is used to a lot of health issues including but not limited to gastrointestinal upset, diarrhea, stimulating appetite, infections caused by bacteria, menstrual cramps, common colds, flu, and many more.

  • Chromium

Chromium is an essential mineral that can increase the amount of AMPK in skeletal muscles which positively impacts glucose metabolism in skeletal and heart muscles.

Not only that, but it also helps lower blood sugar levels.

Taking 1000 mg of chromium daily reduces food intake, cravings, and hunger in healthy overweight women.

If you think about it, unnecessary food cravings are what’s keeping us from our dream physique.

… and that’s what chromium is trying to stop us from.

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid

Next on the list is the ALA, a naturally occurring fatty acid and antioxidant.

It is used in the body to break down carbohydrates and make energy for the other organs in our body.

It also increases insulin sensitivity by activating AMPK in skeletal muscle and is shown to reduce body weight and increase fatty acid oxidation/fat-burning.

If you want to read more about Alpha Lipoic Acid, this article expounding on the matter might interest you.

  • Naringin

This next ingredient is a flavonoid that has strong anti-inflammatory & antioxidant effects that can be beneficial for the treatments of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and metabolic syndrome.

Like the other ingredients, naringin helps to activate AMPK.

It occurs naturally in citrus fruits especially in grapefruit where it’s responsible for the bitter taste.

  • Benfotiamine

The final ingredient to make Carbofix complete is the lab version of vitamin B1 also called thiamine.

It can help reduce pain, inflammation levels, and prevent cellular damage.

Inflammation is one of the things that’s stopping us from fully burning the fat.

With ingredients like benfotiamine, it can ultimately stop the inflammation which makes the extra weight comes off fast.

It can also be used for other health issues, like nerve damage caused by diabetes & alcoholism, Alzheimer’s diseases, arthritis, and many more.

What Do You Get from CarboFix?

Apart from the benefits the single bottle provides, Matt also offers 3 special FREE BONUSES that you might want to grab while they’re hot.

  • FREE BONUS 1: 10-Day Rapid Fat Loss Diet10-day rapid fat loss free bonus

You don’t need to starve yourself just to lose weight. Even when CarboFix promises to help you burn fat, it’s still safe to pick the right food to eat to help you get to your goal faster.

Inside this free program, you will discover the #1 fat-burning food to eat first thing in the morning, the secret to eating tons of carbs that never get stored as fat, rather, it’s stored as energy.

You will also learn what the world’s top celebrities over 50 do to stay thin and youthful all year round, and how to reprogram your body to burn fat while you sleep.

All of that inside this free book. Are you sold yet?

  • FREE BONUS 2: 24-Hour Fix24-hour fix bonus

This free bonus is designed to help you get “there” as early as possible.

I know this is quite absurd, but there’s nothing to lose if you believe.

The thing is if we see something that works for us, and I mean, we see the results with our eyes, we tend to keep going until we reached our goal. Am I right?

That’s what this book is trying to aim.

In just 24 hours, you will see an instant result that will inevitably make you pinned.

  • FREE BONUS 3: 50 Fat-Blasting Red Smoothies50 fat-burning red smoothies

Peek inside the fridge, do you see some clean ingredients that you think can make a great smoothie recipe?

In this book, you don’t go beyond to find the ingredients you need to make one.

You will find the absolute best 50 belly-blasting smoothie recipes that you can make in less than 3 minutes with just the ingredients you probably have right now.

Smoothies are one of the healthiest food options other people who want to lose weight are incorporating in their diets.

Apart from its aesthetic look that is “Instagram-worthy”, it sure is hella good for you.

How Much is CarboFix?

I know you’ve been aching to know how much and where can you purchase this bad boy, no?

Well, here it is.

There are 3 packages to CarboFix:

  • 1 Bottle1-month supply

1-month supply worth $49 which was originally $69.

  • 3 Bottles (Most Popular)3-month sypply

3-month supply worth $42/bottle; save 39%

  • 6 Bottles6-month supply

6-month supply worth $34/bottle; save 51%

If you ask me, I think the 6-month supply is the best deal of all.

You not only get to save hundreds of bucks, but you will also never run out of supplies until the next stock up.

Is It a Scam?

When I told you that it isn’t, I hope I don’t come off as biased.

Given how popular Matt is, it would be such a shame if he created CarboFix just to scam people.

I believe it is a legit product produced to genuinely help people reach their goals, even if it’s just being healthy.

After all, health is wealth.

I believe in that popular saying, that is why I’ve contacted my friend’s mom to at least help her lessen the burden she’s been carrying.

Told her it’s about time she took care of herself and gave her the link to

May have been a little biased there, but I genuinely care for her and I want her to have the life she thought she had lost along the way.

The aging. Weight gain. Sleepless nights.

All of that. I want her to be freed from the worries. Life is too short to be bottled up with distress.



  • Fair price
  • Made with nothing but 100% pure natural extracts
  • FDA approved
  • Backed-up with research-based doses
  • Decreases hunger
  • Activates AMPK
  • Dairy-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Soy-free
  • GMO-free
  • No MSG
  • Burns stubborn fat
  • 60-day money-back guaranteed60-day money-back guaranteed


  • You need to be consistent
  • It is NOT for everyone
  • Can only be purchased online

Commonly Asked Questions

What Is CarboFix?

CarboFix is the breakthrough carb control supplement featuring potent ingredients to prevent weight gain, helps activate AMPK, increase fat loss, and lessen food cravings.

When Do You Start Seeing Results?

I believe everyone’s body is different, it’s hard to tell the exact moment you’ll start to see results, but it’s best to just keep going, keep taking the pills, and see how it works for you.

Just always remember that small improvement is still an improvement.

How Do You Know If It’s The Right Supplement For You?

CarboFix is NOT for everyone. It is for ANYONE struggling with the predicaments I have mentioned a few seconds ago.

If your metabolism seems really slow and you seem to never lose weight whatever you do or at, then it is the right supplement for you.

Go back to the section where I explained the importance of AMPK so you’ll understand even more.

Where & How Do You Purchase the Product?

You can get your first or more bottles from

It cannot be bought anywhere, so if you think you’ve seen it in an online marketplace somewhere, please, and I cannot stress this enough, think twice before getting one.

A lot of people are trying to deceive others by mimicking supplements just so they could earn easy money.

Once you’re on the sales page, just choose from the 3 packages provided there, which I also provided you from one of the sections above.

The checkout process is 100% safe and secured, and it usually takes 3-5 business days to arrive anywhere you are.

How Should You Take CarboFix?

Two (2) capsules should be taken with two of the largest meals that consist of carbohydrates (one capsule per meal).

To avoid any complications, it is crucial to consult your physicians if you plan to take on a new diet and/or supplement.

Final Say

Thank you for reading my CarboFix review! 🙂

I genuinely hope that whatever you may have read from other people’s reviews won’t sway your opinion about the product.

I’m all for every single person feeling free and confident in their own skin and body.

Believe me when I say I understand the struggle of having to look at the mirror every day just to feel powerless about the circumstances.

It still feels amazing knowing that products like CarboFix exist to guide people to where they’re headed.

Well, I hope I made sense! Tee hee.

Until our next product review! I’ll see you soon? 🙂

Bye for now!


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