Yoga Burn REVIEW… Is it effective when taken into practice??

review for yoga burn


Working out to get the body we’ve ever desired is such a challenging activity, don’t you think?

I said “challenging” because despite it being difficult, it’s also completely doable.

I meant the workout.

One of the physical activities I’ve always wanted to get into is yoga.

I know you’ve heard about it somewhere, or maybe YOU do yoga yourself.

Tell me, how does it feel like?

Is it really a therapeutic activity?

Now, let’s talk about it for a minute… shall we?

What is Yoga?


Yoga is a mental, spiritual, and physical exercise that introduced in ancient India.

The word “yoga” is stemmed from the Sanskrit language “yuj“, meaning “to unite“.

Its purpose is to form a union within the mind, spirit, and body as well as between the individual self and universal consciousness.

Yoga creates “spiritual awakening“.

But in a modern sense, yoga is an excellent way to work on our strength and flexibility.

The most amazing part is, ANYONE, literally, anyone can do this practice.

I consider it a workout, but in this type of workout, you don’t have to exert a lot of physical prowess.

Although there are a few types of yoga, the most common one is to just sit, relax, and meditate.

Work your mind, not your body.

This is why I’ve always wanted to do yoga, I just don’t have the time to completely be committed to it.

What Are the Benefits of Yoga?

Yoga can be done when you feel like skipping reality for a short period of time.

Not in a literal sense, of pose

But every time you do yoga, it’s necessary to “empty your mind“.

Empty your mind of the thoughts that’s been bugging your peace.

Not only it helps with our mental state, but it also does good for our physical health.

  • It promotes flexibility– yoga works by stretching our muscles and can improve our flexibility sooner than expected.
  • Helps with posture– using different yoga “poses”, our body will be much more inclined to do these exercises thus improving our posture.
  • Promotes better breathing– if you’ve been doing yoga classes, you know that breathing is one of the crucial exercises as it helps you be more relaxed and calm.
  • It protects the spine– yoga is known for different positions involving a lot of bends, you have all the more reason to do it to help with your spinal discsΒ and overall bone health.
  • Good for the heart– it is perceived to slow heart rate & lower blood pressure and is believed to help people with heart disease gain back their strength and better their immunity.
  • and many more benefits

Now we’re getting a little intense so I’m just gonna go and introduce you to my good friend here named “Yoga Burn“.

I’m sure you’ll love this Lil nugget. πŸ˜‰

*Quick disclaimer: My in-depth Yoga Burn review is made for informational purposes only. I hope I get to enlighten you about the matter & help you determine whether or not to purchase it at the end of this article. ;)*

What is Yoga Burn?

what is yoga burn

Yoga Burn or is a progressive, follow-along system made uniquely for women who want to get into yoga.

It’s not that it’s entirely for women, but the exercises comprise of positions and poses that will benefit each and every woman.

Yoga Burn program is an easy-to-follow done-for-you detailed guide that involves different helpful tips and yoga positions that aid you to improve your overall health at your own speed.

It is a digital and fully downloadable body-shaping program for women and uses a unique strategic 3-phase approach to natural, healthy weight loss that specifically addresses the needs and challenges every woman face concerning their body every single day.

Yoga Burn‘s unique 3-phase approach is referred to as “Dynamic Sequencing“.

How Does Yoga Burn Work?

As I’ve just mentioned, the creator of the program uses a unique approach called Dynamic Sequencing.

It boils down to 3 stages which you can read about below:

  • Phase 1: Foundational Flow

This phase builds a solid yoga foundation. It’s the key to progressing through the next two phases more safely & effectively.

The first four weeks are produced to teach us the foundation of powerful yoga practice, start to shape long, lean muscles while having fun altogether.

You will learn how to execute proper form and build a strong “mind-body” relationship so you can call on the muscles you need once you jump into more challenging guides/videos.

Whether you’re a beginner or have been in the yoga craze for quite some time now, this set of sequences is for YOU.

  • Phase 2: Transitional Flow

The second phase is dedicated to teaching you how to combine moves you’ve learned in the 1st phase (Foundational Flow), into a smoother flow that allows you to burn more calories & get your heart rate up.

You should be more comfortable with the basic moves have been to phase 1… this phase will keep your body “figuring” to force it to adapt and improve for the better.

Each and every video in the 2nd phase focuses more on large muscle groups. This will work on your transitions from one pose to the next, learning how to link poses together allows you to focus on the present rather than giving your mind time to wander off. Meditation!

  • Phase 3: Mastery Flow

The final phase is the time you combine all you’ve learned from the past 2 phases into a searing hot sequence that will fire up your metabolism.

Phase 3 is produced to spice things up, reenergize, and reinvigorate your mental focus while fully maximizing your weight loss experience.

Each video is slightly different than the previous ones. There are more repetitions of each pose to really encourage the coveted muscle to exhaustion.

You will also be guided through a sequence of upper and lower body compound movements. These are outlined to get the most done in the shortest time possible, and the muscles that are going to be targeted will help furnish your body that “hourglass” shape.

Yep, that’s about it. That’s how both Dynamic Sequencing & Yoga Burn as a whole, works.

It’s like you’re doing yoga AND burning at the same time.

YOGA+BURN. Huh, makes total sense. πŸ˜€

Fancy, huh?

How Much Does it Cost?

Perhaps you’re wondering about whether or not to get the program.

I’d say wait ’til you finally get to fully know it before you decide. Capiche?

So there are 2 packages Yoga Burn offers that lets you choose depends on your liking.

  • Digital + Physical Package ($37) + shipping/handling feeyoga burn first package

Instant access to the Yoga Burn digital program, plus the whole physical collection delivered right at your doorsteps.

  • Digital + Physical x2 ($57) + shipping/handling feeyoga burn second package

2 digital downloads and 2 complete physical collections. I don’t really understand this one, to be honest, but I’m guessing this package is for those who want to gift the other collections to their loved ones, right?

Either way, it’s a rather amazing program…

But not too fast, though, because just like the other products and/or programs in the market, Yoga Burn offers free bonuses, too!!!

  • BONUS #1: Follow-Along Audio Classes

yoga burn follow-along audio classes

Audio classes that are a perfect balance to the main Yoga Burn program. They give you the flexibility and urge to follow the program perfect fit for your lifestyle.

  • BONUS #2: Tranquility Flow

tranquility flow

A unique set of sequences and poses designed specifically to act as a real-life “reset button” for any moment you need the relief from the stress that comes with your busy schedules/life.

  • BONUS #3: Yoga Burn Monthly

yoga burn monthly

A follow-along DVD series designed to deliver you more than any traditional Yoga class ever could.

This special bonus centers more on mastering major styles of yoga including Hatha, Restorative, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Iyengar, and Vinyasa with the major focus on teaching you how to maximize the life-changing benefits of each of these yoga styles.

About the Creator: Zoe Bray-Cotton

who is zoe bray-cotton

Zoe is a registered Yoga teacher with over 15,000 practical hours teaching yoga, and more hours spent practicing as a Yoga student for 15 years.

She has taken workshops with many health experts around the world in Florida, Hawaii, and Canada.zoe

Furthermore, Zoe is certified in Ballet Bar fitness, Anti-Gravity fitness, spin, TRX fitness, and many other body weight-focused methods of fitness.

She aims to teach women how to look and feel their best with her Yoga Burn program. Her ultimate goal is to provide her followers with motivation, inspiration, yoga sequences, and love.



  • Simple and easy-to-follow videos
  • Can s[eed up your metabolism
  • Helps with weight loss
  • Digital. It can be easily accessed.satisfaction guaranteed
  • Promotes flexibility
  • Women-friendly
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Reasonable price
  • 60-day money-back guaranteed


  • Too many details (yup, this can be overwhelming for some)
  • Not for advanced users for the exercises can be “unchallenging”
  • Results MAY still vary

Frequently Asked Questions

So the following are some of the common questions people ask. Refer to this section if you have further inquiries! πŸ™‚

Who is Yoga Burn For?

If I wasn’t very clear at the beginning, Yoga Burn is for women who go through different struggles of life that demand them to completely lose their balance in life.

It’s for women who don’t want to take any kind of medications and/or pills to achieve their desired physique, but also to help them stabilize their minds.

What Makes It Different From Yoga Classes?

Well, we all know how these classes work, don’t we?

You will be required to sit among other people you don’t really know… and personally, meditating should be done alone. At least that’s what I believe in.

For me to cope with stress, difficulties, and just clear my mind altogether, I NEED TO BE ALONE. That’s my take on this matter.

I hope this answers your inquiry. πŸ˜‰

What If It Doesn’t Work For Me?

This one is on the “pros” of the program!

If you happen to not fancy Yoga Burn before or after 60 days of usage, you are free to get your money back without any questions asked!

Is It a Scam?

I wouldn’t call it a scam. No.

It isn’t like those programs you see on other people’s reviews that are meant to rip consumers off!

This isn’t me being shady towards them, this is me saying that Yoga Burn works just like any other honest programs out there.

So, yeah, there’s my answer. Yoga Burn is not a scam.

Final Say

Honestly speaking, I have been trying to get out of the dark side of my mind.

And I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been eyeing yoga for so, so long but I just couldn’t do it due to lack of time and quite frankly, because of my poor health.

But wow, having known the Yoga Burn, I should totally get in the hype. I mean, it’s worth every penny, not to mention the positive feedback from real users.

Not only it’ll get me off the couch (because of work & other stuff), but it can also reverse my deteriorating well-being! Tell me it isn’t cool.


Anyway, I should end this review by saying that we should take every moment we can get to better ourselves most especially our mental health.

Mental health for me is what matters most over anything else.

If you have purchased Yoga Burn, please let us know how it works for you. I’d love to read your stories!

If you haven’t yet and are still thinking about getting it, well, then, take your time! πŸ™‚

Until our next product review. I’ll see you! πŸ™‚



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