Ultra Manifestation Review – Unique as heck…

Ultra Manifestation Review

I’m pretty sure all of you are familiar with Optical Illusion, right? It uses light, color and specific patterns to create an illusion that an image appears different from what it truly is. That only proves how powerful our brains work. It allows us to see things differently, depending on how we perceive it to be.

With that being said, I certainly believe that nothing is impossible. All of those trials, hardships, or whatever situation we are currently in right now won’t be permanent and isn’t the end. One way or another, we will find our way out of that and live the life we have always imagined.

So what does it have to do with today’s review, you ask?

Well, Ultra Manifestation is a program that teaches you an effective way to manifest things better. In this comprehensive review, we will dive deeper to what exactly is the program about and what can you expect from it. Furthermore, I will help you decide whether this program would be of great help to you or not.

My aim for this review is to hopefully answer your frequently asked questions such as “Is it worth it and effective?” and most importantly, “Is it legit or a scam?” 

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So enough of that and let’s get right on with the Ultra Manifestation Review.

What is Ultra Manifestation?

ultra manifestation

Ultra Manifestation, created by David Sanderson, is a program that we can classify as personal development. For the reason that it allows you to develop and open your mind to a new viewpoint. Furthermore, Ultra Manifestation uses the power of sound waves to help our brain manifest things more effectively.

It is an online course in the form of soundtracks. Ultra Manifestation allows your subconscious to attract positive energies and at the same time, filter out negative manifestations. This program enables you to go out of your comfort zone and find out your true potential. Moreover, it is created to empower you to build and create your own solid Internal Roadmap, which will lead you to success.

Another thing to note about this program is that it only takes 60 seconds for the mental rewiring process.

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What’s Inside The Program?

inside the ultra manifestation

The program includes a well-illustrated guide along with 5 separate audio tracks. The audio tracks use the power of hypnosis specifically through a technique known as neuroplasticity. This is used to rewire the brain to maximize the ability of manifestation. Furthermore, it also includes a bonus which we’ll discuss later. 😉

Ultra Manifestation Quick-Start Guide

This guide together with the tracks, perfectly complements the whole system. It teaches you how to shape and take full control over your destiny to only attract positive manifestations.

  • First Track: Aligning Yourself With The Universe

    The first among the five tracks allows you to connect with your subconscious mind. This, in turn, will re-tune, re-balance, and reprogram your mind to remove negatives experiences of the past.

  • Second Track: Neural Genesis

    The second track is where the process of re-tuning and reprogramming begins. Simply put, it eliminates neural blockages or negative energies to only attract positive manifestations.

  • Third Track: Your Natural State

    The third track, on the other hand, directly connects to your subconscious. This allows the start of the hemispheric synchronization process. Thus, both the left and right sides of the brain will begin to perform in sync.

    To further maximize the track to its healing potential, it is highly recommended to listen to it once a day for seven days.

  • Fourth Track: Unlimited Abundance

    The fourth track is said to be where the magic happens. The audio is a combination of sounds and frequencies that lets you create your own reality. A new present reality where the possibilities are limitless. This audio lives up to its title because it lets you attract abundant blessings of love and wealth.

  • Fifth Track: Neural Guardian

    Now, the last track is crucial as it acts as a protective shield. The fifth audio assures that your subconscious will not revert back from how it was before. As mentioned, it shields you from negative energies, thinking and beliefs.

Bonus eBook: Manifest Your Destiny

manifest your destiny bonus

Now, here’s the fun part. Upon purchasing the Ultra Manifestation system, you’ll get a free bonus eBook. Manifest Your Destiny includes an easy-to-understand guide that lets you learn the process of manifestation to its full potential. It also contains five audios where it uses the power of hypnosis, as well.

How Much Does The Program Costs?

Ultra Manifestation originally retails for a one-time fee of $37. However, from time to time, they usually offer discounts and bonuses. So make sure, to check their website to know more.

Now, if for some reason, you feel like the product isn’t really for you, you are entitled to a refund. The program offers a 100% money-back guarantee good for 60 days. Just contact them and get your refund immediately.

About The Author – David Sanderson

David Sanderson was the mind behind the Ultra Manifestation system. David lived in a not-so-perfect life. His mother gave birth to him at just 15 years old. While his biological father, on the other hand, was always in and out of jail. At a young age, he was forced to leave school to raise and support his three siblings. In fact, his life was so miserable that you may mistake it as a movie, but no, it’s his reality.

His own mother then kicked him out of their house. And the next thing you know, the streets became his shelter. You can see David sitting on the ground holding a sign, begging for food just to get by. He became sad and depressed. He felt alone.

But despite all that, he never gave up. His life started to change all because of a simple 60-second test. A man named John, whom he met on the streets was the one who introduced him to these audio tracks. These audio tracks become the turning point of his life.

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After months of careful research, Ultra Manifestation was created. Intending to help people who were just like him, he wanted this program to be their hope. David wanted us to realize that we can overcome everything as long as we’ll program our minds to positivities.

The Pros & Cons of Ultra Manifestation

pros and cons


  • Ultra Manifestation is a program that anyone can easily use.
  • It only requires a minute of your time for it to work.
  • It is backed up by science and is well-researched based on facts.
  • The program allows you to reprogram your mind to always think positive.
  • Ultra Manifestation is a digital program so there are no shipping fees and you’ll immediately receive it upon check out.
  • It is proven to be effective through the reviews of the people as seen on their official website.
  • With the use of whatever gadgets available, you can listen to the audio tracks anytime and anywhere.
  • Affordable one-time payment with no hidden charges.
  • Risk-free as it has a 100% money-back guarantee.


  • First off, it is only available for purchase online. You can buy it only at their official website.
  • It is not guaranteed immediate and fast results.
  • This may not be an issue for some, but I think the 60-day money-back guarantee is a little short. I mean, the program isn’t guaranteed to work immediately. So it might be a problem if you want to refund after 60 days.
  • Results may vary.
  • Again this isn’t much of a hassle, but you’ll also need a device that supports PDF formats.
  • It may not be best for people who prefer hard copies.

Does It Really Work?

You’ve probably read this a couple of times already, but I have to be honest, results may vary. Our minds work differently. Listening to the audio tracks for 60 seconds may or may not bring a difference.

And I think the effectiveness of this system would still depend on you, as a user. What works for me won’t automatically ensure that it’ll also work for you. Unless we’re twins, right? Lol, just kidding.

But jokes aside.

If you were able to follow the instructions carefully, then I don’t see any reason for it not to work on you. If you feel like Ultra Manifestation can help you change your life for the better, then try it. Besides, it’s risk-free, so there’s really no harm in trying.

Is It A Scam?

With the reviews and testimonials that we have read, we believe that this program is not a scam. This program is not guaranteed to give you fast results. But people who actually tried the program has been continuously giving Ultra Manifestation positive reviews.

It is also created based on scientific facts and research, so I think it’s enough proof of legitimacy.

Final Verdict – Is Ultra Manifestation Worth Buying?

final verdict

Ultra Manifestation has the potential to be of great help to people. It allows you to attract things, whatever it is that you desire. Ultra Manifestation taught me to always look on the brighter side of life.

Moreover, I realized how our powerful our brains actually are. That whatever it is that we want to manifest, as long as we have the right mindset, we can achieve it.

Of course, love, wealth and a stable job won’t just easily come to you. This program only serves as a guide or a stepping stone to help you manifest it easier. After all, this is not a one-way street, you also need to act and work hard for yourself.

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