Resurge, My Review (supplement pills)… HYPE vs. REALITY!

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At the end of a tiring day, all we want to do is to lay down our beds and rest, right? After all the hustle and bustle of the day’s work, sleeping is one way of rewarding ourselves. Besides, having complete hours of sleep allows our body to rejuvenate and reenergize to prepare for the next day. Moreover, it will enable us to have better focus and is a mood booster.

Now, those are just some of the benefits of sleeping. However, lack of sleep, on the other hand, isn’t good as well. Lack of sleep does not just make us feel tired. It may also lead to severe health conditions. But, did you know that obesity is one of those?

Yes, sleep deprivation has been proven to cause weight gain. This might be the reason why even after spending hours on the gym and restricting your diet, you just can’t simply lose weight.

And products like Resurge has been a popular fat-burning dietary supplement in the market. It claims to target the root cause of weight gain, which is lack of sleep. In this review, we will try to find out the truth behind Resurge by John Barban. Is it legit or just like any other fake weight-loss pills out there in the market?

Like you, I’m also curious to find out. So, shall we start?

What Is Resurge?

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Resurge is not your ordinary fat-burning supplement. It is made up of all-natural ingredients. Specifically, eight special nutrients intended to help improve your deep sleep. Believe it or not, part of the reasons why we gain weight is because of irregular sleep patterns. The more we deprive ourselves of sleep, the more our body stores fat.

The concept of Resurge is something you probably haven’t heard before, right? Usually, fat-burning supplements are more focused on literally, burning the fats. But, John Barban, decided to make a breakthrough and unique formula through Resurge. It acts as a supplement that lets you maintain a healthy body as you age. It enables you to lose those unwanted fats by improving your sleep patterns.

Of course, who wouldn’t want that, right? As we age, our metabolism tends to work slower, that is why the Resurge Dietary Supplement can be an excellent option to lose those extra fats and weight. All of that, while making sure you get a good night’s sleep at the same time.

The formula used to create Resurge has undergone several studies and research. That is why these all-natural ingredients, which are vegan-friendly by the way, are safe and effective.

What Are Its Benefits?

Resurge pills claim to provide you with the following benefits:

  • Improved Deep Sleep

It promises to enhance metabolic regeneration while giving you your much-needed sleep. Resurge pills cater not just to the younger generation but also, the older generation. It allows the metabolism to work faster even as we age. The natural ingredients it has, lets you complete the recommended hours of sleep.

  • A Healthy and Balanced Weight and Body

Taking Resurge as your dietary supplement is a healthy alternative to lose weight. This is because it doesn’t require you to change your lifestyle completely. You won’t need to stress about exercising every day and restricting yourself from eating.

  • Boosts Energy Levels

The better sleep and rest you get, the more your energy levels rise. Improved metabolism burns excess fats. These burned fats serve as fuel to reenergize the body upon waking up.

How Does It Work?

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Contrary to the belief of some, weight gain is not only because of overeating and lack of physical activities. As stated before, sleep deprivation can also result in you gaining weight, and worst, it may lead to obesity.

It is recommended to take a pill of Resurge before you sleep. It works by optimizing deep sleep cycles and while boosting the metabolic functioning. The faster our metabolism is, the more it burns fat rather than storing it. These fats then will provide the body with the energy it needs as you sleep so that you’ll wake up to a new and improved you.

Resurge Ingredients

  • Melatonin

It contains 10mg of melatonin, a hormone found in the pineal gland. It is known to help improve the sleep cycle.

  • Ashwagandha plant

It is an ancient herb also known as Indian Ginseng. Known for its ability to reduce cortisol, it allows to body to feel more relaxed. Thus, helping you sleep better.

  • Hydroxytryptophan

It allows the body to produce more serotonin, known as one of the happy hormones along with dopamine. It neutralizes your emotions so that you’ll feel less stressed and happier.

  • L-Theanine

It is an amino acid known to improve focus and concentration. It helps keep the mind and body at ease so you can comfortably sleep. 

  • Magnesium and Zinc

Research claims that these two minerals allow the body to sleep deeper and longer. Moreover, these two keep you energetic and your mind alert. So you’ll be happy and ready the next day. 

  • Arginine and Lysine

These natural amino acids help keep the skin glowing and healthy. It reduces aging so you’ll look and feel younger.

About The Creator – John Barban

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Taken from his twitter account @johnbarban

With a degree in Human Biology and Nutrition, John Barban is a well-known expert in metabolism and weight loss. He has been in the dietary and sports supplement industry for eight years. Up until now, he still gets consultations and suggestions from different supplement companies. This is to make sure that every supplement he formulates is well-researched and proven effective.

John Barban currently works now as a fitness coach and instructor. He uses his knowledge of fitness to help men and women of all shapes and sizes, achieve their dream body. Aside from getting his master’s degree at the University of Guelph in Canada, he has also spent three years teaching in the same university. He worked as a strength and conditioning coach for the varsity.

With all of those skills and knowledge he was able to achieve, wouldn’t it be better to share it with other people as well? That is why he has formulated and launched products like Resurge and The Venus Factor. Both are supplements that help people lose weight and find their way to fitness.

official website of john barban

Moreover, John Barban was also the man behind the best-sellers, “Thin From Within” and “Flat Belly Forever.” Both of which are dedicated to weight loss and health. You can definitely check out his official website, to know more about John and updates about Resurge Pills.

PROS & CONS of Resurge Supplement

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  • Up to this day, there were no proven negative side effects of Resurge
  • 100% formulated with all-natural ingredients
  • Created in an FDA Approved & GMP Certified facility
  • Based off on proven research and studies
  • Won’t require you to change your lifestyle completely
  • Gives you a chance to sleep better and longer as it keeps you relaxed
  • It makes you feel good and less relaxed
  • Improves your focus and mental alertness
  • Helps in making metabolism works faster
  • Safe even for daily use
  • Makes skin look healthier and younger
  • Positive resurge reviews from customers
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee


  • Not suitable for children and young adults below 18 years old.
  • Not recommended for pregnant women
  • Only available for purchase online. Make sure to only buy at their official website,
  • It may seem sensationalist in a way, but it works well and is not a scam
  • Resurge is not intended for medicinal purposes. It is best to consult first with your doctor before taking these pills.
  • It is not a substitute for exercise and eating healthy
  • Results may vary

How Much Does It Cost?

review of resurge 2020 price

It is highly recommended to take Resurge pills for about 90-180 days to maximize its potential. That is why you have three options to choose from depending on your needs and budget.

  • 1 Bottle Good for 30 Day Supply – Originally costs $297 but you can get it at a discounted price of $49.
  • 2 Bottles Good for 90 Day Supply – $891 initially, but available at a discounted price of $39 per bottle.
  • 3 Bottles Good for 180 Day Supply – It originally retails for $1782, but you can get it for $34 per bottle.

The discounted prices may vary as they offer it for a limited time only. The prices stated are also subjected to additional shipping charges.

But if you feel like the product did not work well for you, don’t worry. You are covered with a 60-day money-back guarantee. So, make sure to contact their customer support asap and get your refund immediately.

Is Resurge Safe?

100% YES! Not to be biased, but with all the reviews I have read, Resurge supplement is definitely a promising one. Apart from it having all-natural ingredients, it is also formulated in an FDA and GMP Certified Facility. It has no side effects and even non-GMO.

However, if you have an underlying medical condition, its best to consult with your doctor first.

Is It Legit or Scam?

Resurge Supplement is not a scam because of the following reasons:

  1. John Barban is a well-known expert in the weight-loss industry.
  2. He has over eight years of experience working in dietary supplement companies.
  3. Resurge pills were created after thorough research.
  4. A lot of positive feedbacks and customer reviews.
  5. You are covered with a money-back guarantee.

Final Thoughts – Is It Effective?

final thoughts

There we have it. I hope I was able to provide you with enough information regarding Resurge by John Barban. Honestly, I myself won’t think twice in testing out the product. I mean, who doesn’t want to achieve a healthy and fit body plus the right amount of sleep? No one. Exactly my point! Taking Resurge pills is not bad because you are hitting two birds in one stone. 

Well, it is mainly for weight loss and deep sleep. But if you’ll think about the underlying benefits that you can get, Resurge is definitely the way to go.

However, this product does not claim to work well for everyone. Sure, everyone can try it for themselves, but it is not guaranteed to work immediately. Results may still vary, okay? Our bodies way of reacting to certain supplements are all different. So if you’re going to ask me, ” How long does it take Resurge to work?”

Honestly, it depends. Therefore, it is important to note that what worked for me might not work for you. 

While it doesn’t require you to exercise and to eat healthy, I think it’s best to incorporate those still, right? Eating a well-balanced diet and working out while taking Resurge might help you experience optimal results.

Good luck on your weight-loss journey!

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