Postdoctoral Association

Being a postdoc at BBRI also means being able to interact to your counterparts in different ways through the postdoctoral association. The association is divided in different committees involved in several aspects of your postdoctoral life and needs.

– Scientific Committee:
Rashmi Ambasta, Tomoyo Hamada, David Hayes

You will be able to share your projects, ideas and to present your work informally to the postdoctoral community through the chalk-talks held every two weeks (Chalk-Talk Schedule).

– Seminar Organization Committee:
Jennifer Chen, Sweta Girgenrath, Yu Li

Postdoctoral fellows are welcome to host several speakers of their choice for the BBRI seminars held every Wednesday at noon (Seminar Schedule). Through post-seminar lunches or discussions, you will benefit from the speaker experience or carry on scientific discussions on the speaker’s favorite project.

– Career Development:
George Dimopoulos, Yolanta Kordowska, Andrew Mazurkie, Steve Munevar, Ambrus Toth

BBRI cares about postdoctoral fellows’ career advancement. You will have the opportunity to host several speakers, representative of the career path you are interested in (academic, biotechnologies, patent law, scientific journalism…).

– Recreation Committee:
Philip Nickson

Food, music, beers, friendship and fun; all of these indispensable components of a postdoctoral life is also present at BBRI!