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-Calvin Coolidge

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Telephone: 617-658-7808

Analytical Ultracentrifugation Research Laboratory

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Senior Scientist,
Director, Analytical Ultracentrifugation Research Laboratory, and
Director of Computer Science, Boston Biomedical Research Institute and
Associate, Department of Neurology, Harvard Medical School.

B.A., Lake Forest College, Chemistry, 1966
Ph.D., University of Connecticut, Biophysics, 1973


Protein physical chemistry. Interacting systems. Biothermodynamics. Hydrodynamics. Investigation of protein-protein interactions (PPI) and protein-nucleic acid interactions with particular emphasis on contractile proteins, DNA binding proteins, and antigen-antibody interactions using Analytical Ultracentrifugation, Circular Dichroism, and other biophysical techniques.


All living processes are mediated by interactions between different proteins or between proteins and other molecules or ions. For example, the expression of genes is regulated by binding of regulator proteins called transcription factors to DNA. The immune response is mediated by the interaction of the immunoglobin (antibody) protein with an antigen molecule. Many metabolic processes are regulated by the binding of small molecules to enzymes. Muscle contraction is mediated by interaction of calcium ions with regulatory proteins that in turn interact with the contractile proteins to initiate the production of contractile work. Understanding the nature of these interactions is central to understanding the chemical and physical processes that constitute life. My main interests are in the application of physical methods to the study of dynamically reversible protein-protein interactions (PPI) and protein-nucleic acid interactions that are relevant to physiological function in normal and diseased states. Many interactions peculiar to disease states can be targets for drug therapy. I have been involved in a project called The National Cooperative Drug Discovery Group funded by the National Cancer Institute, in which we were engineering single chain antibodies to breast cancer cells. These antibody molecules can be used as vehicles for the targeted delivery of therapeutic agents to kill breast cancer cells. The engineered antibody proteins are produced by using techniques of molecular biology to produce antibody molecules with the desired reactivity and properties. A very important step in designing protein molecules is the assessment of their properties in solution and their strength of binding to unique molecules found on the surface of breast cancer cells. The physical methods of analytical ultracentrifugation are being applied to the analysis of the strength of binding of the antibody molecules after changes are engineered into them. New highly sensitive techniques for the analytical ultracentrifuge have been developed in my lab at BBRI and are being applied to these and other problems.


For a list of publications with abstracts

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Other publications - published independently by members of this laboratory

David B. Hayes, Ph.D.

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